August 5, 2010

in a surly mood?

These comments, from the gentle and gracious M.A. over at ought to add to that (emphasis mine):

We sure could use a break from the unrelenting bad news this week. A lone, unelected judge in CA, an openly gay judge in San Francisco no less, has taken it upon himself to reverse 5000 years of accepted law. Great commentary on the blogs this morning, particularly at Eye of Polyphemus (did you know Jaime is a lawyer?) and Trestin Meacham.

Every dog has his day and the left is popping champagne corks this week. Enjoy it while it lasts, Bozos. You have been poking and offending the formerly silent American majority for well over a year now in your "progressive-socialist-fest". NOvember is coming and you will see what the consequences are. Nobody in this generation will EVER forget what you did when you had unfettered power. And if we know what's good for this nation we will chronicle your misdeeds into history books so our children's children will be similarly well-informed. My best advice to would-be socialists is to move to a country that already has the system you idolize. Stop trying to force it down our throats.

But, before ya get totally down in the dumps, she's got a couple of day-brighteners fer ya'.


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  1. We have to face the bad news in order to do something about it. Thanks for the repost/link.