August 16, 2010

In keeping with the tone of the day..


It's a hot morning in August here in the Land of the [formerly] Free and Home of the [newly] Brave and this one goes out to all you Democrats out there thinking about the cooler Fall days coming up -- particularlty the first Tuesday in NOvember..

..take it away, Martha..

(, she is one gorgeous woman, in a slender sixties sorta way, ain't she? Like Hannibal Lechter said, "Love that suit!")

UPDATE AND CORRECTION ON EGREGIOUS FAUX PAUS: I omittted a kind thank you to the equally lovely and talented NO SHEEPLES for her contributions as well. Muchas Garcias y hasta manzanas, Carol.

1 comment:

  1. Hey War,

    Detroit area here and this Motown music is to this day still popular as all get out!

    Very fitting song as well for the mid-terms!!!!