December 13, 2009

POSOTUS Nobel Copenhagen Stink Bomb Backs up in U. S. of A.

The Pantload unleashed a stinkeroo whose odors are now just wafting over to America and there's a lot of people holding their noses according to today's Raz D.T.

The strongly favorable versus strongly unfavorable index has sunk to a new low of -19 percent. Yesterday his stronglies were a previous record-setting -16 percent. The PAC-Man index (Favorable versus strongly unfavorable) is now at a razor thin +4 percent. That means that, as of today, only 4 percent more people like this hunk of crap than people who are motivated in their dislike of him.

Strangely, it is probably because of the tone of the Nobel acceptance speech -- his uncharacteristicly bellicose remarks about the U.S. needing to engage in war to keep the peace -- that caused this slide. Ed Morrissey posts over at Hot Air:
"This sample includes one polling day on a weekend (yesterday), which normally would have given Obama a boost. It will be interesting to see what happens by Thursday of next week, when they poll likely voters on three weekdays instead."
While I fervently pray that Ed is correct, I think one will see Obama rebound from these numbers somewhat for two reasons: (1) they are so abysmally low, one cannot imagine his bedrock, brainwashed Obamatons - the 93 percernt black voters, leftist cretins, and union/labor stooges - deserting him and (2) A lot of the folks who left the "strongly approve" category were peace-creep flower-children who were pissed because he put on his war face.

They probably even migrated all the way over to the "strongly disapprove" camp, dropped a couple of tabs of Mellow Yellow or Purple Haze. But they'll probably head back to peaced-out-unicorn-crapping-skittles territory and it'll ratchet back down to -14 or so.

Mean while, brothers and sisters, bask in the glow..

..bask in the glow.

UPDATE: I am adding the RealClearPolitics Presidential Job Approval page (Herinafter RCP PJA) as a link over on the left as a convenience. It will accompany the Rasmussen Dily Tracking link (heretofore and hereinafter RAZ DT) so you can watch this idiot's slide down the slide down the chute. You might notice that, as of this writing (early Monday, 13 December 2009) that the POSOTUS' numbers are 44/55 percent approve/disapprove and that the PAC-Man indez is now +2 percent (42% strondly disapprove versus 44% only approve). Hell, we may have ol' Hill step up and challenge this clown next year just to save the collapsing Democrat party. I will be holding a special party at Silky Sullivan's in Fountain Valley, California when the POSOTUS hits 35 percent..

..sometime next year next month.


  1. Thanks for the extensive poll tracking. It has been interesting to watch Obama's slide each time he makes a major policy speech or makes decision of significance mahnatude.

    It's earl yet. We'll have to kep waching and working.

  2. Mr Nation, appreciate your kind remarks. As a developer I have a fetish for numbers and am compulsive about trcking this decline.

    You will note that he has come back from the nadir over the weekend. It is, as I said, attributable to the lefties "coming to their senses" (possible or oxymoron?) or just plain coming down from their Saturday night binge and rethinking their positions. But he still dwells in an outer orbit of sinking opinion with no signs of regaining the good graces of the common, decent folk of America.

    I pray fervently for this anger to build into a massive toilet flush in 2010 and perhaps a tsunami in 2012 to sweep all of these turds out of office and into the ocean.