December 16, 2009

Grab your muskets and get ready for the red Coats!

The RNC came out with a new commercial today about how Obama and the Democrats should listen to the old folks (like me) and not ram their health care takeover down our throats, etc.

Well it is a good commercial and the message is correct, but somehow it leaves one feeling like they've had a bowl of waremd over Campbell's chicken noodle soup when one really craves a huge-assed sirloin, baked potatoe (purposely spelled that way), and a couple of flagons of Sam Adams.

Sure, I want the RNC and the GOP to mount a campaign to throw these stiffs out, but what we really need are more people like LtCol Allen West. I saw him on Hannity last night and got turned onto a speech he made in the video below. Watch it, be prepared to have the hairs on the back of your neck stand up, and maybe have a few tears prick your eyelids.

Without a doubt, it will be men and women like LtCOl West who should become our leaders. I want this man in congress in 2010 breathing fire down the necks of the wussed-out ass-clowns who would trivialize and ignore American citizens' opinions and belief.

(Hat tip to The Weasel Zippers blog.)


  1. Very nice. This man understands the America I was raised to love.

  2. ..isn't he wonderful? By the way, over on Hot Air now, Ed Morrissey is interviewing Adam Baldwin (the bodyguard from My Bodyguard and Animal Mother in Full Metal Jacket) who is one of those actors who is a very conservative thespian and prominent poster on Breitbart's Big Hollywood.

  3. "very conservative thespian"

    Isn't it hilarious, err ironic, that the artists, actors, directors, musicians, etc, are 95 percent err, liberal?

    For the record, I am an independent / progressive, but at the same time, very good looking, much like the real liberals :-)

  4. Thanks for posting this video. Lt Col West is the kind of candidate the GOP should be promoting. I reposted the video with a h/t to you and a link.
    I think it's great to post about the good candidates to help give them more name recognition and let everyone know there is hope for 2010.