December 1, 2009

A vat of congealed chicken fat

Because I was not in the mood to watch the Narcissist-in-Chief give his speech at West Point, I was following a thread somewhere and became so-o-o-o-o enraged that, somehow, the thread got hijacked to a discussion of the POSOTUS's delivery. Some clown made this comment:
President Obama’s speech felt totally disjointed tonight. I gave the content a C- and the delivery a D.
???????? on December 2, 2009 at 12:09 AM
That's when I lost it:
..jeez! What is this? Toastmasters? Here we are beating our gums about — what? — a speech; another one of the POSOTUS’s Greek Column extravaganzas and a chance to — what? — beat his gums some more.

The guy is a vapid, empty cypher who has and will continue to botch the office of POTUS because he has zippola in executive and leadership ability.

Wringing our hands over whether his delivery a C- or D+ is like eating a vat of congealed chicken fat. Wake up people! Are you going to join the 71% who think this gummint sucks and git up off’n your pimple-covered fannies and take back our country? (Hint: we can start now; we have eleven months!)

Or are you going to sit here and deconstruct this Pantload’s Rotary Club address?

VoyskaPVO on December 2, 2009 at 1:04 AM
My anger endures. This clown (The Pantload, not the commenter) has done nothing but bloviate since he took the oath. In fact, that's all he has done since he emerged on the scene as a scrawny state senator from Illinois: flap his lips. If someone went back to January 20th and started doing some checking, I'll bet you'll find that he has exceeded the number of public addresses-to-a-nationwide-audience than Bush (or any other President) has in an entire four years. But, to date, he has done squat..

..unless you count helping Pelosi and Reid squander almost a trillion on a stimulation attempt that amounted to butkus and yammering on and on to a jobless nation about how we need to trash our current health care system so he and his commie clowns can take over our lives.

I keep saying this, but I mean it more and more every day: I am so-o-o-o-o-o over this idiot.


  1. I was in the military myself (10 years active duty), and I watched the cameras pan the crowd: every last one of those cadets was on the verge of falling asleep! I've been there and done that, let me tell you, being ordered to listen to a stupid stuffed shirt for an hour when I'd rather be elsewhere sucking down a beer on my off duty time. He was not interrupted by applause a single time. Those cadets were ordered to be there, and I'll bet that given their druthers, that auditorium would have been nearly empty.

    All of those guys and gals in that audience have little or no patience for this pretender in chief. Or as you say, Pantload in Chief.

    He does speak nicely, though. And he pronounced 'nuclear' correctly. I guess that's all it takes to grab the Oval Office as far as liberal Pinkos are concerned.

  2. Fredd,

    Thanks for your service. I served 8 years and semi-regret leaving early. (i.e., before a 20-year retirement.)

    Were you USMA or "just" Army? Most in the USAF have a healthy antipathy for USAFA "ring bangers". They are usually arrogant and overbearing. The only exception was Major Jack Frisbee, my boss at DOCODW at SAC HQ. He flew a C-130 doing the Khe Sanh re-supply and had a picture of himself standing by his aircraft pointing up to a tattoo of bullet holes that raked the fuselage across the pilot's position.

    He was a brave sumbitch, a USAFA grad, and one of the best drinking buddies I knew.

    Thanks for the input on the speech. I was not goign to watch it. I have this thing about giving creds to preening narcissists.

    Is it 2012 yet?