December 11, 2009

This needs to go viral!

There is a massive and surreptitious move afoot by that crooked fairy, Bawney Fwank to pass another take-over bill of the financial industry that includes ACORN obversight..

..and, yeah, I don't give a crap about the pejorative I am using to describe this butt-wipe because of what he and his crone botoxed witch, Pelosi, are doing to us in the congress..

It is essential that you need to watch/listen to here. Michelle Nachmann describes this little fruit's attempt to slam a 1300-page bill through the house without first vetting it in committee or giving the American public the courtesy of learning about it. from the Hot Air post on this:
Breitbart TV’s B-cast interviews Bachmann, who brings listeners up to date on Barney Frank’s financial-reform legislation, which dropped on the House last week. It’s 1300 pages long, and the vote will be taken — today. It reorders the entire financial-services industry and vastly increases government control over it. Oh, and ACORN, too.
So I guess Bawney Fwank just wants to have us know what it feels like to bend over.

So listen and do what Michelle says: spread the word and melt the phones!

UPDATE:  Is it just me, or do you all think that Michelle is one great looking woman? Something about her intelligence, desire, drive, and those piercing blue eyes that just rivets me.

I mean, the left can have their Hillary Clintons and Helen Thomas's.


  1. I just put this up. Sorry it took so long. Super busy weekend at my house.

  2. Opie, in light of your last post and your travails, it is quite understandable. I hope circumstances become more kind for you. Best of luck!

  3. You can have crazy eyes Bachman and crazy eyes Palin. I'll take brains over looks any day. Looks get old (think Tiger Woods and his life), but brains, words, ideas, live for ever.

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    Why again is this such a commie site that has to have everything I say approved prior? I keep forgetting the reason.

  5. Hey everybody! Look! Ray's back and he's pissed because his hero is tanking!