December 23, 2009

"Auuughhh! Barry! Did you cut one?"

"(Sorry, I could not resist in the wake of John McCain's recent attempt to stack the House with more weaselly moderates.)


  1. And we'll beat the undeserving ones off like Carter took that oar to the killer rabbit.

    Merry Christmas, Cj, and the very best in the New Year for you and the Illustrated Conservative!, the eggnog calls!

  2. And McCain has to be one of the first ones thrown overboard.
    Hope you had a wonderful Christmas. Best wishes for a Happy & Healthy 2010.

  3. Thank you very much, ma'am.

    No posts here because I am reveling in the return of my son from Aberdeen, Maryland and his MOS 2171 USMC training. Even though I have not had a lot of "hang time" with him (he seems to be going on a lot of "night patrols" with his friends), it's good to have the family back together again.

    I trust yours was as wonderful and my fondest wishes for your new year as well.