July 2, 2011


CNN Money released an article summarizing the recent disclosure of the White House staff salaries. Some salient comments from that short article (emphasis added):

One out of every three White House employees makes at least $100,000 a year, according to data released by the White House on Friday.

Top earners pull down a salary of $172,200 a year, while three employees have a salary of $0. Most staffers fall somewhere in the middle.

The average salary is $81,765 a year, while the median employee salary is $70,000. The lowest full time salary is $41,000 a year.


Now that's all well and good and you might want to check out the original list at the OpenData site, but I am wondering about the staff mathematicians and statisticians at CNN who can state the average salary of $181 large while the "top earners" get $172 large.

Seems like CNN is just as dysfunctional as CBS.

UPDATE: Woodesterman points put that the average salary in the article said $81,000 not $181,000. Now, don't I feel the fool? Oh well, regarding my rant, as Rosanne Rosannadanna used to say:


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