July 16, 2011

One and done..

The Conservative Lady, a frequent visitor and gracious commenter here remarks on her -- and a lot of our shared desires -- that The Chicago Jesus be a one-term president. In a similar vein, LL -- author and practitioner of the black art of covert ops -- -- assures us that the POUTUS will end up on the scrap-heap of history. (Although I prefer to refer to it as the dumpster.)

I have had a post brewing within me that will take wings some day in the near future, but let me preview it by saying that it is becoming apparent that there are cracks beginning to appear in Fortress Obama.

To competently post this, however, I gotta do some research to bolster my intuition. If any of you have seen these cracks as well, I'd be happy to hear from you.



  1. If any of you have seen these cracks as well, I'd be happy to hear from you.

    I can think of a few "crackpots" I've seen in the Obama Administration. Does that count?

    Thanks for the link. Enjoy the rest of the weekend.

  2. Obama, being a socialist, just doesn't get it. We're about tradition, self reliance, FREEDOM, and the rule of law. These are things that were thought of as corny and just plain in the way by him, his family and friends.

    He is and has been playing to one base ... the Takers, the non-producers, and the angry. He doesn't know how to speak to you and I. We don't need or want his help, but he's determined to change this country so we will want his help.

    AGAIN, He misjudged the American people!