July 17, 2011

Cracks, Part I

Pursuant to my last entry, these will appear from time to time, not as evidence that this turd will be flushed but to encourage those out there who may fall for the Kneepad Media propaganda about the difficulty of unseating an incumbent president -- especially this president. They want you to believer that resistance is futile, to coin a phrase, and that The Lightbringer is a shoo-in. Taint necessarily so and, at this point in time, there are some disturbing indications that Obama may have difficulty capturing the lightening in the bottle once again, like he did in 2008.

I am afraid this series will be shamelessly derivative -- borrowing on posts, assertions, statistics, and other numbers and facts -- to repeat them to whatever minuscule audience this blog may attract. I encourage you to blatantly rip off anything I post here to the same effect.

Let's start with today's numbers:

The Rasmussen daily tracking (a.k.a., Raz DT) has Fearless FosDICK at 45% but also note that he has been orbiting in the negative double digit approval index range since June 9th where he inexplicably went from -12 to -9 and then back up to -15. (Can we say aberration, boys and girls?) Also note that he only stays in single digit negative approval range is for brief stretches in January and February of this year. Altogether nothing to crow about. His stretch of Raz DT negative double-digit approval index days is staggering. Check it out.

The image of the Raz DT is below; click to embiggen.

(I recommend you consult the Rasmussen Daily Tracking as opposed to looking at their one-day post. It will give you a better ideal of the trends. Pay particular attention to the excursions of the Strongly Approve and Strongly Disapprove columns; they are instructive. There is a link from this blog to the Raz DT down there on the right.)
"THE POUTUS (courtesy of Big Hairy News)"

Well, that was Rasmussen. In other disturbing news for The Pantload, the Gallup Daily has him at 50% Disapprove/42% Approve. While not the lowest, it seems to be the latest in a series of numbers that is trending lower. Truth be told, though, Gallup is a left-favoring poll and the numbers seem to bounce off the low end of the 40% range.Click to look at that as well.

An interesting note is that you can download the actual data into Excel if you wish. There's a tab on the Gallup graph that makes it so.

But the question is always asked, "why is Obama in still in the forties?" I offer two explanations: Firstly, some of the MSM and pollsters probably skew the Dem/Republican/Independent laughably in an effort to keep The POUTUS's head above water. This assertion on my part could (and [probably will) consume a whole other post. For the moment, if you get addicted to following these numbers, I recommend you visit Hot Air and become a student of Ed Morrissey's excellent analyses (plural) Ed not only artfully unpacks the poll skewing, he blows truck-sized holes in the employment and job number spin made by Obama's crack economic team and their MSM handmaidens.

The second reason I offer is the infamous Bradley Effect. Go to the link and read up on it, I ain't going to explain it suffice to say that, unlike how they like to paint us on the right, we are NOT racist.

As an after-dinner mint, I offer the observation that Hugh Hewitt (Hew Hughitt?) made the other day. Realize that heretofore, Obama had to be dragged, kicking and screaming, to press conferences. Now, in the midst of the so-called debt crisis, he's held three in the past fortnight. Hugh surmises that the internal polling numbers by his staff on this must be absolutely horrid for him to keep going to the well that often. And, as we all know, when he was popping up all over the place back in 2009, he did not wear well with the American public. One wonders how he will do when he campaigns -- well, campaigns more than he is doing now.

Anyway, you know what I mean.

In closing, I'll say that I want to continue to traffic in these types of tidbits; it's good intel and we need to keep ourselves in the game, committees of correspondence, and all that. The man can and will be thrown out of office if we get to work like we did in 2010.


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