July 4, 2011


Sometimes you walk through life in a fog and then someone comes up to you and awakens you with an oil-soaked 2x4 to the temporal lobes. Oner of my beloved frequenters, the author of The Conservative Perspective, did so with his July Fourth post.

Ironically, it goes to the shenanigans being pulled by a group of those very people to whom we told to piss off some 235 years ago today: our English brethren ~~ and, for the most part, our staunchest allies in this world. It seems that they have their own problems, principally how they show reverence for their fallen:

The issue is that politicians and the politically correct seek to have the route through the RAF town Wootten Bassett altered, thereby obviating this incredible outpouring of reverence for the fallen. It is at once chilling and awe-inspiring to see the reverence and respect the citizens of this town show for their returning heroes. As one commenter put it in an article in the London Telegraph:

It is always the "common people" who demonstrate class when class is needed. This is moving - and profound. And don't think that just thousands of Britons are standing behind you - there are many of us here in the United States who are proud to stand behind you as well. Well done Wootten Bassett - you demonstrate that there will ALWAYS be an England.

Joseph R. Martan

I was mindful of this tribute paid to those who served as I attended the Huntington Beach July Fourth parade today. As the veterans groups passed by, I came to rigid attention and gave them all a salute that they justifiably deserved.

Of special attention and smartness of salute were my brothers who served in Viet Nam. They may have been ignored some forty years ago when they returned but they were not today.

God bless the people of Wootten Bassett, Huntington Beach, and all of the other towns to whom these fallen heroes return. God bless the men and women who make freedom and liberty a reality from both Great Britain and the United States, once adversaries almost two-and-one-half centuries ago, they are our brothers and our fondest kin.



  1. War,

    I thank you for such a description and I admire your work as well. You are finer with the "pen" so to speak but as it seems I prefer the 2x4.

    This does not make for oil and water but rather a sledge hammer!

    Keep it up my friend!

  2. Patriotism is not in vogue with the left.

  3. Sometimes, Christopher, one needs a 2x4 wake-up call -- particularly after a three-day weekend.


  4. It is horrible that someone even conceived this hair brained idea of re-routing their fallen war heroes to be driven down side streets.