July 14, 2011

Why teachers drink..

Somehow, Obama and the NEA have something to do with the dumbing down of our students that results in this:



  1. Too funny! I had a college professor that loved writing multiple choice questions for tests in computer science. One of the selections the students could choose was always outrageous and obviously wrong eg. The CPU went from a solid mass to liquid form when encountering incorrect typed word. The other selections were worded so you had to know your stuff to pick the right one.

  2. ..and those would have been the answers I invariably picked.

    Maybe I will tell the anecdote some time later, but I will leave you with this cryptic remark: "God bless Dr Calvin Israel and Puritan and Early American Literature."

  3. What's the problem? These all seen right to me. Come on War Planner, get a life.