July 20, 2011

Violating the cardinal rule..

There's an unwritten rule in courtroom examination procedure: never ask a question unless you know the answer. Courtesy of Matt Lewis via Hot Air, PMSNBC's Contessa Brewer sought to take down Rep Mo Brooks (R-AL) by questioning his economic credentials. As you can see, the results are somewhat embarrassing for the libtard host:

..fitting riposte for anyone who is arrogant enough to have an affected first name like "Contessa". What's up with that, anyway?

TANGENTIAL UPDATE: I practically ran off the road this morning listening to Glenn Beck. He and Pat were having an awful lot of fun discussing this recent attempt by the libturds' (maybe that's what I misspelled?) attempt to derail Michelle Bachmann with their specious revelation that she suffers from migraine headaches.

(What a pile of festering chicken waste.)

Anyway, the conversation quickly migrated to the monthly conditions normally afflicting our feminine counterparts and how that would affect Ms Bachmann's decision-making capability. There was conjecture that she might not be able to "push the button" if she were suffering from cramps and feeling a little bloated.

Of course, the opinion was offered that a lady president suffering from those maladies -- for what? four or five days each month -- might be MORE inclined to mete out harsh retribution to anyone causing the U. S. problems.

I would take it a little further by saying that Al Qaeda and scores of mean dictators might be on their best behavior based on Madame Bachmann's cycle.

"Oh no, Achmed, we cannot take out the Statue of Liberty next Wednesday -- we'll catch holy hell. That's between the seventh and the twelfth of the month."

Of course, I offer profound apologies to the ladies who stop by here -- Carol, Supi, Opie, TCL, etc. I mean this in jest. But consider how sexist and ridiculous this is about Ms Bachmann's headaches. I think you understand.

FINAL THOUGHT: If Michelle does get elected to president, will it be insisted that she change her name to BachPERSON so as to not appear too sexist?



  1. I think you're spelling it wrong.

  2. Just love the way he uses Yes, Ma'am.

  3. ..Southern politeness, ma'am.

    By the way, what'd I misspell?

    C'mon people, I'm dying here!