July 27, 2011

Eeyore and Hercules..

In skulking around the various conservative blogs, I come upon comments below about how people will not vote for a GOP candidate if he or she gets the nomination. Incredibly, these range from digs at Romney to digs at Palin. Despite those who proclaim Rick Perry a saint, there are those who would rather vote for Obama over him so that we will be able to give a real conservative a chance at the presidency in 2016.

This comment really -- well -- pulled my chain and I let the guy have it with both barrels:

Obamacare becomes Romneycare.
Spending continues unabated.
Dems win Congress in 2014.
Romney happily “works with” Dems.
Global Warming taxes signed.
Conservatism p!ssed away.

And you think it would be worth it just to defeat Obama?

Bat Chain Puller on July 26, 2011 at 10:12 PM

..boy, this mantra is beyond tedious.

Respectfully, at this juncture, anything would be worth ridding ourselves of this incompetent sh!t. Your model discounts the fact that Romney said he would issue an executive order for ObamaCare waivers for all 50 states. It also conveniently ignores the election of the freshman class of conservatives in the house in 2010 and the takeover of the statehouses by conservatives. (Can you say "redistricting", boys and girls?) And you seem to ignore the fact that there are some 23 or 24 Senate Democrats who will be facing stiff election challenges in 2012 and, therefore, a good likelihood that the GOP will control both houses.

So, I guess with most here, it's a case of "the perfect tainting the good" Eeyore-ism. Let's raise the white flag now because we will not have a sainted conservative running against Obama.

You don't like Romney? Then get out and work your ass off for Pawlenty or Cain or whomever you want. I personally would like to see Rick Perry enter the race and will work for him to get the nomination. But if Romney gets the nod, I will do everything I possibly can to see The Mittster gets elected..

..four more years of Obama and there will not be a United States of America.

But, if you prefer Obama to Romney, then kindly see to it you keep your mouth shut here on Hot Air about what a P.O.S. Obama will be in his second term. You had your chance and you sat there grumbling because your little Mister (or Miss) Perfect didn't get nominated.

Look, ladies and gents, Washington D. C. is a festering sewer. As Obi-wan put it, "You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy. You must be cautious.." But, over the past four years, Pelosi and Reid, and now Obama have plumbed the depths of pathetic governance and what they have perpetrated is almost criminal. That they had GOP enablers speaks volumes as to how tough the job will be to clean out those stables.

So, unless you can come up with a Hercules and a couple of swiftly flowing rivers, our efforts at flushing out the piled up manure will take a while.


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