July 16, 2011

Figures of Speech..

On this, the august 32nd anniversary of Jimmah "I'm no longer  last" Carter's famous "malaise speech", I was ruminating on the parallels with the current nitwit and this heaving, sighing sack of crap and heretofore worst president of the United States.

For those of you who were (fortunately) not old enough to remember the Carter Years, the excerpt below will give you an idea of just how uninspiring this man was:

I recall watching this on TV back in 1979 and thinking that it was a good thing there wasn't a handgun in the house at the time (I had two sons, aged 5 and 3) because I would have reached for it and either emptied the clip into my head or the TV.

Yeppers, that's how depressing this message made me feel. It is also my recollection that it was soundly rejected by the American people who chucked this fool out on his ass in favor of a sunny, optimistic Ronald Reagan

This speech set the tone for the ensuing Iranian hostage crisis and cemented in the minds of most Americans that this man was truly an incompetent chief executive.

On this occasion, Laura Ingraham has come up with an interesting example just how derivative and unoriginal The Chicago Jesus really is:

What's even more interesting is that The Pantload seems to be making a habit of cribbing lines from other people to fill out his oratory:

I am sure there are many other examples of this shallow, incurious, lazy man phoning it in by plagiarizing others' words, but you get the idea. The chilling juxtaposition of Carter and Obama, however, calls into question the latter's wisdom that he would choose to use the words from a speech that epitomized all that was wrong with the former's attitude towards America: one of gloom and cynicism.

Here is hoping that. like Carter, Obama now has one foot on a banana peel and is loitering over the yawning abyss of historical ignominy. Or, as the Gipper himself might have responded:



  1. He's got Joltin' Joe plagiarizing for him.

  2. That audio of Carter and Obama is amazing. Two dangerous presidents. Let's hope Obama follows in Carter's footsteps as a one termer.

  3. Magycian said...

    "He's got Joltin' Joe plagiarizing for him."

    That is one terrifying thought. It also goes to his judgment, don't it? Would either of you tap that garrulous old fool to infuse my rhetoric with any of his gems?

    ..didn't think so.

  4. Obama will end up as a historical footnote - the same way as Carter did.