September 3, 2010

Touch 'em all..

Childhood hero of mine: "The Mick"..
Victor Davis Hanson is a rare, quiet, and dignified farmer in the Central Valley of California. He is an educated man of letters, history, and politics and holds forth on -- among his distinguished venues -- on Pajamas Media.

He is so good, in fact, that I grow weary of the many respondents to his posts of the form, "Excellent work Doctor Hanson..blah..blah" or "Anogther masterpiece By Victor Hanson.." and so on. My preference is to stipulate to Dr Hanson's abilities and cut right to the main course of the feast, the meat of the particular post being commented on.

Further, I heartily recommend your following him over there and wherever else he writes. In fact, if he turns up on the Hew Hughitt show (I know, I know..) he deserves a listen if only for the stark contrast between his towering word prose and the quiet, unassuming, almost Walter Mitty speaking style.

I admire this man to no end.

That said, Dr Hanson has come around on yet another 3-and-2 high-and-outside fastball and sent a towering drive to right-center field. It's not a question of whether this will be a four-bagger but rather where it will land in the parking lot after clearing the fence,the stands, and the stadium.
Modern day hero of mine: "The Vick"..

It is a work comparing the peanut-sized Pantload to George Bush; it is a ten-point dissection of the POTUS - and the FLOTUS -- that shows up how small, petty, thin-skinned, and incapable the former truly is and how noble, kind, and graceful the latter was as he served out the last days of his troubled second term.

A sample:

It is a uniquely American trait to shun whining and petulance. Rugged individualism and can-do optimism used to be ingrained in our national character, and even in our 11th hour have not wholly disappeared. So the public is tiring of Obama’s Pavlovian blaming of Bush. After 20 months, it is time for the president to get a life and quit the “heads you lose/tails I win” attitude about presidential responsibility. If he now takes credit for calm in Iraq without crediting the surge, then Obama can surely take blame for the anemic recovery — brought on by his own bullying of business that has frightened free enterprise into stasis. Note that Bush, unlike Clinton, has not engaged in emeritus tit-for-tat recrimination, and has kept largely quiet in dignified repose. Obama serially goes after Hannity, Limbaugh, and Beck by name; Bush let the slander of a Michael Moore or Keith Olbermann go unanswered.

Is this essay --like so many of VDH's -- worth reading?

Hell, copy it off. It's worth keeping.


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