September 18, 2010

Hissy Fit..

If this week has shown us that political creatures -- Democrat or Republican -- can be petulant, spoiled children with an oversized sense of entitlement. What with Lizzie Murkowski and Mike Castle, cast-aside Republican incumbent and almost-incumbent respectively, being cut from the herd and left to die on the barren and rocky plains of political ignominy, it is becoming abundantly and finally clear to everyone involved in the political process -- Dems, GOP, and the punditry -- that we're mad as hell and we're not gonna take it anymore.

Only this week? Try this past year or so. We the People are merely adding those two names to the long list of governmental tit-suckers -- like Bennett and Specter and Crist -- who are being shown the gate by a public no longer content with business as usual., perhaps there's not a lot of business as usual these days, one surmises.

Murkowski and Castle are refusing to take "no" for an answer, the former launching a desperate write-in campaign to regain he senate seat and the latter ranting and raving about how he wuz robbed, sending out post-election e-mails dissing his victorious opponent, and even having his staffers make utterances about the validity of the electoral process:

"She is a con artist who won by lying about Castle's positions and her own life," said Kate Dickens, a Castle aide. "Out of state support was enough to pull her through yesterday so she can rely on it through November."

Welcome to the land of the arrogant, entitled, clueless, and truly pathetic.

But what even more surprising than this lack of graceful losers, is the caterwauling and surliness of the entrenched punditry as well.

It seems that so-called stalwart conservative (well, Republican, anyway) pundits all over the media started spewing angst-filled rhetoric about the so-called Tea Party victories signaling the end of the GOP, torpedoing all chances of the GOP winning the senate, and maybe even putting the House out of reach. Notables such as Karl Rove and Charles Krauthammer have roundly bemoaned O'Donnell's creds and abilities, basically painting her as a typical right-wing nut-job. Of course, this all plays into the hands of the gleeful left who is, no doubt eager to Hoover up any other piece of news except their impending 2 November execution date.

The latest to fall into this morass is the beloved and eccentric Morton Kondrake. Mort was all over the political map last night on FNC's Special Report, bashing these Tea Party-endorsed victors as the second coming of Satan and the sure death knell of the two-moderate-party system as we know it. He claimed that these folks -- the results of last week notwithstanding -- trail Obama in favorability, their being at 30% to Obama's Bradley-Effect driven 40-something numbers. I can't seem to embed the FNS videos so the link is here. It is a must watch particularly when Steve Hayes and K. T. McFarland take poor ol' Mort apart.

No Department of Education litmus test, my ass!

By the way, K. T. is another in the line of those Republican/Conservative lady pundits who adopt the initials-only format as their working sobriquet. You know, like S. E. Cupp and A.B.Stoddard. Only, K. T. is an absolutely marvelous woman (clad here in an equally marvelous electric-yellow suit) whose creds reach back to the Reagan administration.

Anyway, the take-away from this is that the GOP loved the Tea Party anger when Democrats were in the garage sucking the pipe with the Volvo's motor running but now hate the fact that their own establishment is being put to the sword. The Dems may be breathing a sigh of relief from this brief doom 'n gloom respite, but their day is surely coming as surely as this day hath visited the wrath of angry voters on the arrogant tit-suckers. The American people win when these folks lose.

And to paraphrase Vince Lombardi, "Show me a sore loser and I'll show you a loser." 

UPDATE:  It seems that O'Donnell is not as clueless as Charlie-the-K and Rove might have you believe. Christine has canceled her appearance on CBS's Face the Nation and will concentrate on an appearance on Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace. I think that's a pretty good move on many levels. Firstly, who wants to go on FTN and get slammed by that Alzheimer-ridden lib host, Bob "CRS" Scheiffer? Secondly, Karl Rove will also be on FNC as well. So Chrisgtine gets to address one of her critics almost face-to-face.

You ought to get a look at her. She's pretty sharp and a lot more savvy than Rove and Krauthammer give her credit for. Besides, there's gotta be something going for her given that she raised over a million in one day after she won the primary. She's down 11 against her opponent, Coons the Commie, but with this amount of loot and political acumen, it will force the Democrats to commit money and time to a race that should have been a walk in the park. And who's to say she will not win?

Me? I am personally smelling another Scott Brown-versus-Coakley race here.

UPDATE II: Hot Air! comment of the day also known as a busy blogger's attempt to fill space without doing any actual creative work:

Not much point in wasting any time on Zero’s favorite little elf Bob Schieffer.
viking01 on September 18, 2010 at 1:39 PM
No GOP candidate should go anywhere near that worthless hack. I so-o-o-o wished Boehner had said, after Schieffer asked him about his smoking, “Get back to me, Bob, when you ask the president that same question and show the same derisive attitude about his smoking habit that you just showed about mine. How much is the democrat national committee paying its operatives these days anyway?”
Rational Thought on September 18, 2010 at 1:44 PM

Just so we're clear around here, I hold Schieffer in as high a regard as I did Dan Rather. That is to say, they are about three notches below the festering, puss-filled placenta of a syphilitic camel. Well, Rather's only two notches below that because he can remember things. The sclerotic old waste-of-skin Schieffer seems to conveniently dis-remember stories that cast a pall on his Democrat overseers.

Personally, I think he ought to have molasses poured into his Depends and sat upon a Fire Ant Hill.



  1. What a spot on post, TWP. They are all acting worse than 3 year olds on the play ground. I LOVE IT! It's absolute entertainment that we are kickin so much butt!

    PS: Thanks for the update about Christine cancelling CBS. I thought that was kind of odd for her to go on there, no good would come of that.
    She'll be super on Fox. Have a great weekend!

  2. War,

    I agree with almost everything,,,but,,,I take exception to your line:

    "The latest to fall into this morass is the beloved and eccentric Morton Kondrake."

    Kondrake beloved? Kondrake fall?

    Please, this jackass is beloved by LIBERALS.
    Just what are you inferring he fell from? It certainly could not be from a conservative pedastal being he never stood on one!

    Other than that, great post!

  3. You both are friends to die for with the kind remarks you utter about my pathetic bleats. I think Christine giving Schieffer the stiff-arm is really super and, believe me, while I don't like Kondrake (too much), I'd put him even with the camel placenta -- on a good day.

    If you have some time, you owe it to yourself to click on the FNC link and listen to that old guy rave about his litmus test. That and the absolutely STUNNING K.T. McFarland are worth the trip alone.

    As an aside, I personally think that there should be a law making it mandatory for women to wear lovely bright yellow suits like the one she is wearing. People can rant all they want about semi-nude women in lingerie, but there is something about the tailored look that just drives me crazy.

  4. They forget what it's like outside the beltway and that there is a growing consensus that being a RINO is not good enough. It won't save the Republic.

  5. War, Nice response and I consider you a friend to die for as well. That said, Kondrake cannot die a slow ehough death as he is a MAJOR part of the problem we face.

    Kondrake along with the like of Nonnan, Brooks and their ilk can go to hell!

  6. @TWP,

    I am still unclear about how you really feel. LOL. That was a killa post!