September 23, 2010

California's 47th Congressional District Candidate, Van Tran

by the Left Coast Rebel

Although introduced by Matthew Newman to RightKlik readers, earlier this month, I felt the need to re-introduce Assemblyman Van Tran due to recent events in the campaign.

Van Tran (pictured left) faces six term Democratic Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez. Loretta Sanchez has come under fire recently for telling Spanish-only Univision that "The Vietnamese and the Republicans are trying to take away this seat from us." Seemingly Loretta Sanchez sought the cover of the Spanish-only network Univision, assuming that such a disgusting, vitriolic statement would go unnoticed outside of the Spanish-only station.

She couldn't have been any more wrong. A new introduction to Orange County Republican Van Tran is due, this from the Orange County Register:

Born in Saigon, South Vietnam, in 1964, Mr. Tran and his family were evacuated by U.S. forces shortly before the fall of South Vietnam in 1975. His childhood experience with oppressive regimes, he said, made him a conservative, and he is running for Congress to protect those values. "Having been a product of the Vietnam government, where the regime was dictatorial and oppressive, I understand the need for less government regulation," he said. "Encroachment of government on virtually every aspect of American life has inspired me to run for Congress."

Mr. Tran said the role of government is to empower the American people, to empower the family, to empower small businesses. The 47th is a very blue-collar district, so the biggest issues for voters are jobs and the economy. Mr. Tran said he would address those issues by reducing restrictions on small business and cutting taxes. "As a state assemblyman I have worked to make it easier for small businesses to hire, gotten rid of regulations and fee structures. ... That is what I would do at the federal level."

He opposes the original federal stimulus package – the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act – because he said it is full of pork and imposed more debt and other burdens on the economy than opportunity for job creators. Policies like the stimulus shift the debt to future generations and by supporting them we are "mortgaging the future of our country." He said, "We can't throw money at a recession to fix it."

Mr. Tran said the 47th District is a perfect example of the failings of government stimulus spending because jobs promised for the district have not materialized. Mr. Tran similarly opposes the government bailouts and the Obamacare health care reform program.

What's not to like? Think about it. What better appreciation can one have for freedom and free markets than to have experienced the precise opposite. If only more Americans had the same perspective and formed their political philosophy correspondingly.

Van Tran certainly could be a rising star in the Republican party and we wish him the best on November 2. Even though the recent racist gaffe made by Loretta Sanchez may breathe new life into the Van Tran campaign, he still needs your help. Visit his website here. Read Matthew Newmans excellent Van Tran writeup here. Check out more coverage of the race at Left Coast Rebel.

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