September 21, 2010

Funny - Is this a US Senator, or an "after" photo from an anti-meth PSA?

by the Left Coast Rebel

Last night I met Mary who runs the BeJohnGalt site. She had left a nice comment at my PJM piece and I checked out her link. Anyway she has a great Randian-centerred, 'small-l', libertarian leaning blog that you should check out. Her father writes a must-read "Price of Freedom" column every week at the site too. She's also a resident of the People's Republic of California.

This morning Mary emailed me and mentioned something funny that she and her compatriots had cooked up. It's a new Lisa Murkowski site. The URL is

The site is oh-not-so-flattering to Lisa Murksowski (without an 'O' in the last name, check the URL above), screenshot (click to embiggen):

Now that is funny! Cross posted to LCR.

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