September 22, 2010


Sorry for the "ready-made" post, but I came across this at You Tube and just had to share it:

I know we're gunning for his posse this NOvember and he does not appear in our sights (figuratively, of course) until 2012, but I am not aware of any finer collections of this cretin's contradictions abroad on the web. (However, I am open to links, by the way.)

On a tangential note, I visited a kick-off meeting for Carly this past Sunday. Before you folks panic -- especially those of you who are backing Boxer (yeah, fat chance) -- this was a meeting of the enlisted personnel, the trench fighters, the lowly minions, the upper echelon of the campaign having started months (if not years) ago. But there were some pretty interesting revelations about the goings on in all of the California elections in general. (Hint, hint.)

So, a lot of the posts here will be about revealing these insights, deconstructing the pathetic gas bag dummy Senator Ma'am Box-o-Rocks truly is, and generally doing everything I possibly can to ensure this flaming idiot returns to mingle with all of her squishy liberal Marin County-ites on a 24/7/365 basis.

We'll probably be dumping this stuff on LCRez as well and if have a blog and want to help out, let me know. I can be reached at thewarplanner-at-gmail-dot-com, nudge-nudge-wink-wink.


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