September 24, 2010

Race card.. Racist Dem B*tch warns of Vietnamese invasion..

Don't leave home without it..especially if you are going to the Playboy mansion to hang with hunks.

So, now it's on. Sanchez and her Hispanic supporters versus Van Tran and all of his Vietnamese backers. One wonders if the rumble will be at Warner and Bolsa in Westminister or Fifth and Main in Santa Ana.

Es mi barrio, ese. No, no se puedan.

..and you folks thought we only had a dumb, elitist, pandering senator we had to dump?

UPDATE: Sorry for the late-to-the-dance post. I seem to have stepped on LCR's stuff below on Van Tran. Hey, let's face it, Tim's wa-a-a-a-a-y more coherent than I ever will be -- which is why I have him grace these pages with his great posts. How else am I gonna fool you folks into thinking I know what's going on?   


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