September 30, 2010

Driniking from a fire hose..

They said it would happen. They told us. We have been yearning for this time essentially since January 20th, 2009. We have been fuming over the arrogance and elitism of our elected officials in Congress and our statehouse while they steam-rollered our Constitution, disregarded their own procedure rules, ignored us in their town hall meetings, and sought -- through their handmaidens in the liberal media -- to trivialize the greatest gathering of common revulsion against their deeds as a mob of right-wing zealots and looney-tunes.

It is barely over four weeks until we get our chance to be heard. In fact, already the din we have created and our expressed wishes are beginning to cause some anguish and discomfort in their cushy circles of perpetuated power.

Well, that time is now upon us; we are rounding the far turn, going to the bottom of the ninth, at the two-minute warning. We have just heard the bell ring for the 15th round and it is our chance to deliver the knockout.

But, in these closing days, events are coming fast and furious. The once delicious morsels that we could chew over for two..three days..a week's time now come two..three..or more per day. There's a kaleidoscope of events cascading in from all over. It is a veritable Sizzler buffet of schadenfreude with heaps of steaming Democrat and RINO misadventures being doled out on our plates.

It's kind of like trying to drink from a fire hose.

Many of us blog readers and writers have jobs, families, bills, and concerns that occupy our time -- and then this biennial madness descends upon up and we have to drop everything to make sense of the politics that assail us. Those in our ranks, the non-professionals who take up the quill to chronicle our thoughts and opinions factor that effort into an already-busy schedule with results that ain't always pretty. In my case, putting together cogent commentary is a challenge that can be best answered in the quiet of my home office or during the lunch hour where thoughts can be strung together without any "incoming". While writing posts for  The War Planner is not a professional obligation, I feel compelled to comment coherently when a significant political even occurs. You know, to lend my electronic two cents worth . But, increasingly, I find myself bewildered by the rapidity of unfolding events. More and more, I am left speechless, flummoxed, and otherwise dazed by the shock and awe of this now quickening pace.

I fear this has already claimed a victim. The lovely and talented Bunni of Amusing Bunni's Musings has, according to Odie -- The Woodsterman -- reportedly burned out and turned off her blog. Odie insists this is only temporary and she will be back. Lord, I certainly hope so. Bunni, if you read this, it is my heart-felt request that you rest up, relax, and get yourself back in the game very, very soon.

And any of the rest of you feeling this way please hang in there. While I am no big time blogger and command very little attention over here in this corner of the internet, there's a reason you folks are linked over there on the right. You have become my friends, compatriots, and fellow warriors in this battle. I value each and every link I place there and each and every post you produce at your sites. As I said some time past, each of those links represent a reminder to me that I need to visit and say hello once in a while. As things have heated up, I feel I have spent far too much time in the dubious endeavor of generating literary commentary and far too little time keeping up these friendships. I wish to read more and write less.

..and there's something else I need to do over the next four weeks: work for the Van Tran, Star Parker, and Carly Fiorina campaigns. You know, whatever they need -- phone banking, canvassing, volunteering in their offices, etc.

So it's not any real policy change here and I ain't turning off the lights; just wanted to let you know that I am going to post when I can and it'll probably be those cheap, quick, one-shot things that hopefully bring a smile, arouse your ire, or otherwise incite you to get out there and work for the upcoming revolution. I get this feeling that, if I don't help the campaigns and make the rounds of my electronic friends' sites, November 3rd ain't gonna be as fun as we imagine it is going to be.

I mean, after all, one can die of thirst trying to drink from that fire hose.



  1. Go git 'em, WP. Your state is the sorriest in the nation, politically speaking, and needs all the help it can get.

    Yes, sorrier than NY, NJ or IL. Much sorrier.

  2. Good luck, WP. Watch your six, those libs are desperate.