September 19, 2010

Hometown boy makes good..

Alright, boys 'n girls, our very own Tim Daniel (absotively, posolutely no "S") of Left Coast Rebel has hit the bigs!

Tim is starting to write for PJM -- Pajamas Media -- a more erudite, intellectual site where the comments are often longer than some of my blathering posts. (And more coherent.)

So mosey on over there, drop a few thousand well-chosen words below his deathless prose and generally make him squirm. Oh yeah, click the "like button" too.

Here's hoping we'll read a lot more from Tim over there and I sure hope to goodness he remembers all of us "little people" in his acceptance speeches.


1 comment:

  1. Thanks Bill - you are correct - PJM is extremely high-brow, the comments (especially at Hanson's pieces) are quite amazing.

    Appreciate the plug!