September 28, 2010

No, no se puedan..

Well, here is my representative in Congress. Don't she just make you proud?

This is, of course, the aftermath of her sticking her number nines in her big fat bazoo by calling on her  hermanas y hermanos del barrio to help her stave off the invading yellow horde from Bolsa and Warner.

Sorry, but if you want rational and civil dialog at this juncture, then go elsewhere; I have had it up to here with this Latina stalking the Playboy mansion and halls of Congress looking for hunk lobbyists.

A plea to those of you from the ausland: Support Van Tran for Congress.

..I'll buy you a beer or sumpin'.



  1. My father died a few years ago.

    He was an unassuming man. He just lived his life and went his own way. His wife stood by him and took care of him until the end.

    His wife became a proud American citizen by way of Viet Nam.

    Proud VNAmerican vs. LaRazaRaceBaiter. Do the math.

  2. A very offensive word to woman comes to mind.

  3. Wraith,

    God bless your father and your family. I was in SoCal when Saigon fell and the cynical comments were that the Vietnamese would be camped down on the beaches at Pendleton for *years*. I had a number of good Vietnamese, Laotian, and Cambodian friends (i.e., from all over SEA) and had gotten to know the cultures quite well. I did not believe that for one minute.

    One year later: no camps, fully assimilated, and a wonderful community called Little Saigon up in Westminster.

    ..and the blessing of Pho, one of the more exquisite dishes to come out of Asia.