September 2, 2010

Fall Campaign

After Labor Day, it'll be a floor-boarded effort here in the castle of the War Planner to eject Boxer from her seat in the Senate. I am going whole hog on the Carly campaign: volunteering, contributing, tearing down Boxer signs, putting up Carly signs, and generally annoying the elitist liberal slime that have been clogging up our government here for the past two decades.

..if you want to help out, let me know. Better yet, let Carly know.



  1. You are doing a noble thing my friend!

  2. Just hit the follow button on your blog. While Carley wasn't my first choice, Boxer gone definitely is!

    I contribute over at the CaliforniaTCOT blog,and we're working on helping all of the California R team. I'll be checking back often for your ideas on making that so!

  3. Flicka,

    Thanks for the heads up! I'll post/link/pump that site when I get a chance!