September 21, 2010

Daily Caller: The Left's Sexism Double Standard

by the Left Coast Rebel

One of the worst things that we as conservatives confront (almost daily) is the double standard placed on our conduct via the Leftist Government Media Complex. The constant stream of quotes out of context, attacks of no validity and a blatantly obvious gaffe double standard are all-too-well-known facets of discourse.

Worse yet, the right is often crucified over politically incorrect faux paus' that are simply ignored on the left side of things. My piece at Daily Caller today points this out in regards to a comment made by the illustrious Dingy Reid.

Excerpted from my Daily Caller piece today:

If one is an activist, political guru or just one that watches the daily goings-on in our nation’s body politic, one has surely noted the political gamesmanship (especially pervasive from the left) and sometimes from the right, that takes place on a daily basis.

Typically such one-upmanship hinges on pet liberal peccadilloes meant to malign and smear players right of center on the same old gotcha-canards of sexism, racism, bigotry, homophobia and greed.

The nation burns as leftist radicals tear at the national fabric from within, yet daily headlines scream, this congressman said this, was caught on tape saying this, or in O’Donnell’s case, said this, that, someone says she said this, that - 20 years ago.

As a product of their “intentions,” the same rules don’t apply to gaffes and missteps made by anyone on the left — this ruling class phenomenon is so pervasive now as to be considered an absolutely predictable leftist reaction by rightists.

Head over to the Daily Caller to read the rest here. Exit question before you read the piece. Who are you more desperate to see go buh-bye - Dingy Reid or Barbara Boxer?

Tough choice, no?

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