June 30, 2016

You just cannot make this shit up..

From Weasel Zippers this morning, this from an underlying Politico article:

..are you kidding me? These people must be delusional. This is like that tweet that the Bubble Ass campaign put out the other day saying that "Trump knows how to create jobs".

Apparently -- no, obviously -- these are major clank ups in messaging. If you head over to Scott Adams' blog he has a number of posts on that aspect of campaigning. (You Google it; I am not interested in giving him any gratuitous traffic.) While he is all over the map, takes a standoffish approach to the election campaigns, and has even endorsed Hillary Clinton (for his own personal safety, see note below), he does point out that, early on, Trump was hitting his marks in branding Clinton, etc. Now he believes the Clinton campaign is winning -- because they have the media in their pocket. But this missed messaging sure is interesting. Rasmussen has Trump up over Clinton this morning 43-39 and I wonder if she will be able to survive the post-conventions onslaught that Trump will surely provide. Night before last, Gingrich said that Trump, Manafort, and their slimmed-down staff are hitting stride and running efficiently. Far cry from when Newt took Trump to task for excoriating that Hispanic judge. All along, I have come to appreciate Gingrich's analysis and clarity. Sure is a lot less annoying than Carl Rove and the probably-recently-exploded Dick Morse.

Anyway, here's wishing for a Brexit of our own come November.

NOTE: Adams did endorse Clinton but he lays that to the fact that he lives in California and it is dangerous to be seen as a Trump supporter out here. You know, no yard signs or bumper stickers because of malicious pranks and keyed cars, etc. But bottom line is I do not have time for the smug, conceited, and "above-the-fray" types who purse their lips and say that they do not care for either candidate. Must be nice to sit back on your ass, squeeze your zits, and hawk your books while rolling up millions in the bank and not have to worry about how you will do if Bubble Ass gets elected..

..but the rest of us poor slobs who cannot afford stuff like armed guards and know what job security is like nor trust the folks in D.C. to look out after our interests are straight down the line for The Donald.

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