June 7, 2016

Frau Pantsuit by a nose!

So it seems that the Dems are finally bringing down the curtain on that long-running primary soap opera thy have been running. ("As the Stomach Turns"?) Of course, we want The Lying Sow to become the nominee. ("Bring it on!", to quote "W" in days of yore.) But we want there to be so much bilious rancor between her, smug, self-satisfied adherents and the Free Shit Brigade as is measurable.

I hope I don't have to spell it out to you, but this means a greater percent of the F.S.B. will turn to The Donald just to spite the Dems and their rigged system. Ya gotta agree with Sanders' sentiment that Clinton had 400-plus "super delegates" before even one Dem primary vote was cast sure stinks up the barn a tad, don't it? Remember when we got pissed at the Cruz's and GOPe's shenanigans in Colorado? Well, this appears to be a hunnert Colorados. (Coloradoes? Quick! Someone get Dan Quayle on the blower!)

Anyway, the New Yawk Post has nailed it:

UPDATE: This is what I am talking about:


AND IT INTENSIFIES: Get set for a world-class hissy fit. I am thinking that some of these snowflakes might go all the way to Trump. But then, time will tell..)

(Hat tip: The American Mirror).


  1. I'd be more comfortable if her skin was green, with a black pantsuit and a pointed black hat, circled by flying monkeys. That would be far more lifelike.

  2. ..somewhere around the internet == Weasel Zippers, I think -- they ran a piece on how she pays something like $6,000 - $12,000 for those Armani Nehru jackets.

    Yessir, just one of the common-folk!