June 8, 2016

Dickless Wonders..now and in the past.

They are all making a big deal out of Hilliary Clinton becoming the first nominated female POTUS candidate in history. However, I submit they are fogged.

In this day and age of blurred sexuality, where men and women can use the public bathrooms of the sex they identify with, it is fair, in my opinion to lump the last two GOPe nominees into that category and classify them as first.

Neither McCain nor Mittens had a dick or balls -- at least they behaved like that -- and were, at the very least, eunuchs.

I think it probably all started prior to Bush 43 with Bob Dole. I mean, he may not have been wearing "a bra and suspendies" but he definitely had problems getting a hard-on and that probably cost him the 1996 election against Bubba.

Soon thereafter, if I recall correctly, he started started touting boner medicine.

Anyway, while we mull over the virility of past GOPe nominees, here's Monte Python on the subject of where some bears like to shit in the woods, as it were.


  1. Since Hillary is a lesbian, does it count? You're right, of course. In the age when a man is woman of the year, is gender an issue? The answer is - only when they want it to be.

  2. Gents,

    We also have The First Wookie covered as well. I mean, even if they do declare her human, one can always contend that the's merely a stevedore who underwent a sex-change operation.

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