June 12, 2016

Orlando..and other things..

Please consider this my obligatory "Orlando post" although note that I am not being cynical nor dismissive nor do I wish to treat this with little regard. It's just that so much will have been expressed -- in the news media and on the internet -- that this little-traveled corner cannot possibly ring up anything of significance. So I will keep it succinct.

First and foremost, I am deeply saddened by the brutal murder of the innocent patrons of that bar in Orlando and mourn for them as grieve along with their relatives. However, at the risk of turning this to a political rant, note that others elsewhere seek to use this sad event to their advantage. For example, Tom Brokaw chimes in and manages to steal the coveted Katie Couric Perky-Tit-in-a-Ringer misstatement by demanding the ban of a firearm that does not exist:

O.K., Tom, let's go over this one last time. Below is an AR-15:

..and this is an M-14 (also known as an M-1A):

And, for reference, here is an M-14 in use:

Clear now, Tommy?

Also, it seems that the Great Lying Sow is also getting into the act although, this time she's been doing a little Rosetta Stone to speak to her amigos in the Hispanic community on the subject. (Hat tip: the American Mirror.)

And, of course, all over this is the fact that the killer was a Mooz-lem Jihadi possibly-ISIS affiliated grunt shit with an eye on what that religion promises to martyrs. Well, one supposes that goat humper is up in Paradise as we speak getting. However, if there is a God and he has a sense of humor, all of the virgins will be Helen Thomas look-alikes in leather bustiers sporting foot-long strap-on dildos and they got him bent over a sawhorse at this very moment.

ONE LAST THOUGHT: As I fade from view on this tragic Sunday evening, I just must pass along a witty observance someone on Weasel Zippers caught re Clinton's $12,000 Armani house tents:

..at ease, men. Smoke 'em if you got 'em.

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  1. We have a mooselim problem but Barack and Hillary won't utter that.