June 8, 2016


Although the results turned out pretty much as one would expect in the Dem primaries yesterday, it was supremely annoying to have to hear all of the media types fawn over Clinton's wins. But, then again, you think this is bad, wait'll November. If that woman wins the presidency, there will be no ends of the "how she overcame impossible odds" heaped upon the top of her cuntness as first POTUS. And the Democrats will have proven that an organized machine and phalanxes of mirror-fogging, mouth breathers once more will vote for "gimme, gimme" and not give a shit about the strength and vitality of the host. (That is, the United States of America.) But that is less than five months away. A lot of water over the dam between then and now.

Some questions do remain, however, for the near term, chief among them being whether Sanders waltzes back to Vermont and settles in -- or does he keep going and leading The Free Shit Brigade to the Armageddon in Philadelphia. (Note: I went to bed before his closing speech in Santas Monica last night.)

More goddam tea leaves.

However, I did catch one under-reported fact -- courtesy of The American Mirror -- and that was one of turnout for the Dems. Seems that, running true to form, they under-performed. Take it away, Kyle Anderson:

That said, I'll be back later in the morning to report on how the (R)/Trump turnout was -- especially versus Mittens in 2012. Should be instructive.


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