June 21, 2016

Aloha Snackbar!

Search You Tube for "ISIS Fails" and you will come up with a collection of these R. O. P. goat humpers basically fucking up their missions or getting turned to fertilizer by coalition/enemy incoming. While it is very humorous and I shed no tears for these slimebags and their self-imposed misery, there are a few videos who successfully lampoon the ISIS PR efforts. Below is one such:

..in the future, when I stumble across the gems of the first type (camel drivers consigning themselves to Paradise), I shall post them here for your viewing pleasure.

Feel free to snigger.


  1. The sheep humpers need to be brought up short and handled. Unfortunately, Barack has no interest in doing that.

  2. Oh great, Obama and Hillary are going to blame some world catastrophe on this video.