June 29, 2016

Indian Giver (and taker)..

Seems like Warren thinks Hillary does the bidding of those who will contribute the most to her campaigns:

..of course, this was Fauxahontas calling out THE SENATOR Clinton back in the day about how being a SENATOR causes one to realign priorities based upon those who butters Clinton's bread. But now she lines up behind the very woman she calls hypocritical -- no doubt receiving a ton of cash and/or pledge of support from Clinton.

"Professor Warren"? Really? Securing a professorship at Harvard for $400 large by exaggerating her American Indian ethnicity?

TANGENTIAL: Please, please, PLEASE I'm beggin' ya, make this bitch your running mate and try selling two ditzy lefty broads to a country whose concerns are national security and the economy.

NOTE: This post was ripped off of a Hot Gas post because I wanted to make sure this little tidbit did not get buried. I do not agree with the title of the video and Warren does not exactly excoriate Clinton and out-and-out call her a phony. In fact, she compliments Clinton on her savvy re bankruptcy. (Warren is an acknowledged expert on the legalities of bankruptcy.) But she does make the point that, once you play in the bigs, you got to dance with who brung ya.

UPDATE: It was only a question of time before I stumbled on this. Apparently, Big Chief Lying Cunt also has gone over th the Dark Side and has been sucking in some tall wampum from big biz and those who want to own her. from a post on Jim Hoft's Gateway Pundit:

..like Captain Willard said in Apocalypse Now, "The bullshit piles up around here so fast, you need wings to stay above it."

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  1. I agree, the old crone should tap Pochahontas as veep. This country may be knee deep in dummies, but even the dimmest of the dim will likely think twice before turning over the reigns of the country to two crooked bitches.