June 14, 2016

For the clueless gun grabbers..

I am looking at you, Tom Broken Jaw and Perky Tits Couric. Mean time, the battle rages as our dickless, nutless betters continue to "never let an opportunity go to waste" by bloviating and hyperventilating about how make ordinary citizens less safe by taking their guns makes them more safe when the goat-humping, Islam-o-turds come to town with their box cutters, pipe bombs, exploding vests, and, yes, those guns they have managed to squirrel away illegally.

As an aside, Mateen DID NOT use an AR-15, he used a Sig Sauer MCX Carbine.
A law enforcement source says the shooting suspect legally purchased recently the two weapons used in the attack at the shooting center in Port St. Lucie near his Fort Pierce home. He had a Glock 17 handgun purchased on June 5, a Sigsauer MCX assault rifle purchased on June 4 on his person during the shootout, and investigators later found a .38-caliber weapon in his vehicle.
Someone inform Tom Broken Jaw and get Katy Couric to edit in some moments of silence to the screaming match that has become the gun-grabbers' orgasm-fest.

..we straight, now folks?

Didn't think so. O.K., below are some points made by Fossten over on Hot Gas for peoples' edification. Clip and save in your wallet in the event you come up against the hyper-stupidity.
  • The shooter didn’t use an AR-15.
  • AR-15s are not assault weapons.
  • Assault weapons are ALREADY BANNED.
  • Anyone who doesn’t know the difference between a clip and a magazine doesn’t get to argue for gun control.
  • Anyone who doesn’t know the difference between an assault rifle and a semi-auto doesn’t get to argue for gun control.
  • The Boston Bomber used a pressure cooker. Should we ban those?
  • 9/11 hijack­ers used box cutters. Should we ban those?
  • 9/11 hijack­ers used planes. Should we ban those?
  • Paris has some of the tough­est gun control laws in the world. How did the attack­ers get guns?
  • The Orlando shooter was a regis­tered Democ­rat. Can we ban Democ­rats from getting guns? If it saves JUST ONE LIFE…
  • Is Obama’s Secret Service going to stop carry­ing guns? You first, liber­als.
  • If guns are the problem, when’s the last time a police station was attacked?
  • 80,000 people carried openly at the last NRA conven­tion. How come nobody was shot?

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