June 13, 2016

How important is Milo Yiannopolis?


Milo Yiannopolis is an articulate, educated well-spoken gentleman of British origin and Greek descent. He is also an utterly flamboyant gay who, under any other set of circumstances, would not be a person of compelling interest for me to follow and get to know. But he has taught me -- in my dotage -- how totally wrong I might well have been to dismiss gays from my circle of associates. (Here's a hoary old maxim for you: "some of my very good friends are gay".)

Unless you have just crawled out from under a boulder or wakened from a long nap, Milo, you see, is an ardent backer of Donald Trump and is currently conducting highly confrontational sorties of college campuses he calls his "Dangerous Faggot Tour" where he flies into the teeth of the gale as it were and stares down the more militant snowflakes on these campuses. In that exercise, he meets up with some weapons grade stupidity and basically consigns them all -- without exception -- to the hurt locker.

Only Milo does it so subtly that they unravel like Wiley E. Coyote minutes after he has struck.

So here's why Milo is important: he conducts these talks at the behest of the beleaguered Republicans' organizations at these colleges and presents his views, chats with, and answers questions for groups equally populated with men, women, gays, straights, blacks, Hispanics, whites, Asians, and any other mix you can think of. He does this, at times, at his personal expense -- often very dear. Earlier on this blog, I recounted how the administration at DePaul university speciously imposed a last-minute fee of $3,000 on the Republicans club for "security" and they asked Milo how they could address this arbitrary roadblock. His response was to pony up the three large out of his own pocket and proceed with the seminar.

(By the way, his outlay got him three or four rent-a-cops who did absolutely nothing but pop their zits and sit on their asses while a shriekingly annoying tandem of BLM cretins ran amok. You owe it to yourself to look up the You Tube videos and watch this display of foolishness.)

While his main cause is the promotion of Donald Trump, he also has a high-energy vendetta against what is now termed third generation feminism. These are the hyper-militant "women" who are perpetually in search of a hit of Midol and screaming at men to check their male privilege. They also perform these acts while ripping down signs, wearing white leotards while they are menstruating and generally eschewing sanitary napkins and tampons or any other form of crotch obfuscation. Their vocabulary is liberally sprinkled with F-bombs and the index fingers of both hands are perpetually extended. Basically, not the type of young ladies you would want to take home to introduce to your family.

(Milo does have a lady friend who is sympathetic to his struggle and follows him around wearing a "Save the Males" button. she's a wonderful person, she is.)

Anyway, the main reason Milo is important (as if the above weren't enough) is that he is a role model for a lot of gays. He basically says it is o.k. to be gay and be for Donald Trump by saying that it is also o.k. to be AGAINST the PC crapola that pervades our society today at the hands of the left. He says that Islam hates ALL people -- especially gays -- and that ALL people need to stand together against this murderous onslaught. I am extremely proud to name Milo Yiannopolis as a friend and an ally.

In the wake of yesterday's horrible, unspeakable act of violence in Orlando, the revulsion for what happened should transcend any petty prejudices we may have. These 49 plus victims, irrespective of their sexual persuasion, were our countrymen and they were murdered with wanton abandon by a malefactor suffused with hate and steeped in Islam.

The time is now to stop with the petty bickering, the hesitancy to name our enemies as Islamic terrorists (I am looking at you, Lawn Jockey POTUS and Fat Lying Sow), to try to blame this on a lone man with an "AR-14 assault rifle", or to otherwise attempt to diffuse the blame for fear of offending. They are coming of ALL of us and for us not be ready to fight on one another's behalf would be like talking of disarmament after Pearl Harbor.

Apparently, this is not lost on the gay community either: Phoenix LBGT just "came out" for Trump. Hopefully more will be joining them. Good for them! They are all gratefully welcome! I personally am proud to stand up for all my countrymen -- irrespective of persuasion -- who are the targets of this slime and filth that emanates like a steady, uninterrupted flow of diarrhea from the Middle East.

They are coming for all of us and we need to defend one another without reservation.

The War Planner


  1. There are right and wrong sides of things. As you discuss, we need to make common cause with everyone who wishes liberty and justice for all.