June 3, 2016

What's the frequency, Kenneth?

Well, it had to happen. That old, lying, discredited, sack-of-shit journalist came out of hiding to belch out some bilious sewage re his discomfort of Trump's recent comments on "The Press". Here is a part of that steaming load:

I felt a shudder down my spine yesterday watching Donald Trump’s fusilade against the press. This is not a moment to be trifled with. It wasn’t his first tirade and it won’t be his last.

I was reminded of my college journalism professor, the late Hugh Cunningham, who would exhort his young charges in a thundering voice to “never let them scare you.” It was his most important lesson. One of Edward R. Murrow’s favorite words was “steady.” That also bears repeating today.

This is a dirty, nasty election. And it is only going to get worse. The reporters in the trenches need no lecture from me. They are walking through daily minefields, bracing themselves against winds of discontent whose effects no one can predict.

I know what it is like to sit in those seats and feel the scorn and even wrath of politicians of all political persuasions. Attacking the press for unfair coverage has long been a bipartisan pursuit. Sometimes it works. I am happy to say that more often it doesn’t. But Trump’s brand of vituperation is particularly personal and vicious. It carries with it the drumbeats of threatening violence. It cannot be left unanswered.

This is not about politics or policy. It’s about protecting our most cherished principles. The relationship between the press and the powerful they cover is by its very definition confrontational. That is how the Founding Fathers envisioned it, with noble clauses of protection enshrined in our Constitution.

Good journalism–the kind that matters–requires reporters who won’t back up, back down, back away or turn around when faced with efforts to intimidate them. It also requires owners and other bosses with guts, who stand by and for their reporters when the heat is on.

I still believe the pen is mightier than the sword. And in these conflicted and troubled times, we should reward the bravery of the men and women not afraid to ask the hard questions of everyone in power. Our nation’s future depends on it.

(Courtesy of fossten over at Hot Gas.)

Well, Dan, it will be nasty and bitter because the Visigoths who your liberal buddies let seep into this country and the irresponsible and dangerous policies put in place with the Democrats (and the complicity of the nutless GOPe) over the last 30 years have reached a high-water mark and, when the tide recedes, it will reveal all of the debris and detritus festering beneath the surface.

You want a glimpse of ugly, you discredited doddering piece of shit? Take a look at the shenanigans at Trump rallies (specifically San Jose) where it is de rigueur for illegals to accost and pummel honest, law-biding Americans who only want to attend a gathering in support of their candidate all the while the illegals screaming about their rights?.

No, Rather, you slimy festering mound of dog shit, this is of YOUR making. Lie in it and roll around, old son. Get more of the stink on you!

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  1. Dan Rather, cast out from disreputable journalistic ranks for being still more disreputable, is not one to talk. Unless he's talking to Jeb! at the club over a martini. That would work.