June 28, 2016

On the ropes..

The fat, waddling, lying $13,000-Hoover-vacuum-bag wearing sow and her minions have been criticizing Trump on the way he treats the media during his speeches. Well, turns out they have a new sport in Europe and/or Russia called "Hack the Clinton servers" and the latest e-mail harvest has been from her campaign servers:

..and one of the little tidbits is that she bade her workers to rope in the press and try to keep them away from her brood. (You know, Bubba Rednose, Little Chelsea "Webb" Hubbell, and the sow herself.) Here's the dirt:

Don't you remember this splendid bit pf P.R. genius from back last February?

Here's my editorial take: coupled with the steaming pile that is this woman's past, the evil viciousness we read and hear about (I got my copy of Gary Byrne's book, did you?), and the naked lust for power and money (necessarily in that order), the incompetence she exhibited when a Senator (doing nothing) and Sec State (doing nothing right and fucking up the Middle East), we are only seeing a preview of what she will be like as POTUS. It will be such a steady stream of lying, corruption, deceit, and absolute ineptitude with her handmaidens in the press shouting her Hosannas to the high heavens that somewhere around April of next year, you will start seeing the "Miss Me Yet?" signs again, only slightly different:

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