November 18, 2010

Again, Odie-esque in format...

I ain't stealin' hits from a man I just shared about twenty ounces of Beefeaters with. Go to his site for a picture of our gathering. Come back here and read my interminable droning on and on about the soiree..

..or don't.

In the mean time, here's something to cleanse the palatte offered by Lieutenant "Sky" King of the USAFA, fellow Obama lover:

Here's hoping that these are his thoughts in 2012.

..says it all.



  1. 2012 may be the End of the World to both the Aztecs and the liberals.

    Meanwhile, I'm surprised that you were able to drive back from the 'gathering of eagles'. Opus #6 suspected you'd be blind for three days following your imbibe of distilled beverages, cheered on by Odie.

    A good time was had by all.

  2. LL, I can see I will have to repeat myself. I said he was kind, and that he was likely to order chicken three ways for dinner.

  3. Great pic sums it all out! War Planner, you guys and glas in Cali have all the fun.

    The pics were great, looks like you all have a really fun time.
    I'm glad you made the drive home safely!