November 5, 2010

Good News: Nancy Pelosi Considering Minority Leader Position
Graphic via. Saberpoint

by the Left Coast Rebel

You would think that the leader of a representative body that just suffered it's worse loss (in sheer numbers) since 1948 would retire into the shadows and, in the least, not be heard from for some time.

Not for Nancy. Apparently she is considering staying-on as the Democrat minority leader in the House and that's a good thing. I can't think of a more effective face to scapegoat for the upcoming 2012 rout:

(ABC,) High-level Democratic sources in the House tell ABC News Pelosi is seriously considering staying in Congress and running for the position of minority leader.

Pelosi is methodically calling every Democratic House member who won on Tuesday, as well as many who lost, sources tell ABC News. In the process, she is weighing her options and gauging her support.

Some of Pelosi's closest allies are encouraging her to stay and to lead the Democratic effort to win back their majority. Those encouraging her are arguing, in part, that she can unify the progressives in the caucus, and more importantly, that nobody in the House can raise money for the next campaign better than Pelosi.

Sheer lunacy! NancyNasty Pelosi is one of the biggest reasons that Democrats got the 'shellacking' of the century on Tuesday. I can't imagine her face put on the 'new' Democrat party in search of majority status. I am reminded of a timeless verse.

Proverbs 26:11:

As a dog returneth to his vomit, so a fool returneth to his folly.

Indeed! Cross posted to LCR.


  1. Vomit, schmomit! These weenies are the gift that keep on giving! Imagine these toadstools running off the rails so-o-o-o-o bad that they flush 65 of their saner compatriots down the bowl and are still bringing this starting line-up back for two more seasons!

    "..and the bad thing is that Nancy Pelosi's leaving congress to be replaced by a more dynamic, younger, in touch minority leader?"

    "..wait a minute, NO SHE'S NOT!"

    "Happy days are here again.."