November 21, 2010

Just when you think you've seen enough..

..about this TSA "scope-or-grope" fiasco, comes this video of the gate goos and a 12-year-old boy:

About the only thing that would make this more absurd is to have some Mooz-lem towel-heads being sailed through the gates unimpeded. But, just you wait, that video will be coming any day now.

In fact, that would be rich counterpoint to the hand-up-the-nun's-nightdress shots we're getting now. If the TSA folks don't want to profile obvious candidates for C-4 cartage, then perhaps the traveling citizenry -- armed with cell phone cameras -- should point out these people.

After all, that is what this is all about, right? I mean, The Child Emperor and his clown thugs want us to become inured of these invasions to such an extent that we will all submit with docility in banks, malls, or political rallies or demonstrations..

..wherever free people assemble.

BROKEN RECORD TIME: Now, NOvember 2012 cannot come soon enough for me!



  1. Shameful and getting worse by the hour.
    You ain't seen/heard nothing yet. Gateway Pundit has been updating the atrocities hourly. The worse, they made a lady take out her nipple rings...then there's the guy they pant's, he had artificial legs, and the lady who they made hand over her prosthetic breast, and on and on, it disgusts me to list them all.

    This is orchestrated payback by o to punish good American's, only "Tea Party" types are being subjected to this. They don't profile cause they don't want to offend his brothers. It's all to get us used to be herded around like cattle led to the slaughter. I better go look at cute kitten video's, or movie trailers again.

  2. Bunni,

    Was over at Gateway and saw that (among other things) and it is beyond apalling! The blowback will mount until this gets grudgingly called off and then, when some Mooz-em goat-roping creep blows the side of a DC-10 off with a jockstrap full of plastique, the "We told you so" and "Bis Sis knows best" retribution will have these blue-shirts outside of malls and banks and we'll be grabbing our ankles just to pick up a quart of milk at Stater Brothers.

    On the subject of soft, fuzzy, good things, it's nice to see you back in circulation. Odie, LL, and Opie say hello, of course, and I am tickled you got well from your burn-out!

    Be good and have a great bird this Thursday!

  3. Thanks, War Planner, You have a lovely Turkey Day too.
    That's funny....we'll be grabbing our ankles for a qt. of milk.
    Also probably true, anyway, thanks for the kind words.