November 17, 2010

I can fix that...Need a spoon? I can fix that!

In the spirit of Odie over at the Woodsterman (with whom I will be having lunch tomorrow) and my thanks to Captain Harris over at Group 7 HQ:

Need a spoon? I can fix that!

Cables falling down behind your desk? I can fix that!

Seat belt broken? I can fix that!

Power plug problems? I can fix that!

Stereo ripped off? I can fix that!

Bookshelf not too steady? I can fix that!

Can't afford a real GPS? I can fix that!

Need an ice chest? I can fix that!

Car manufactured in another country? I can fix that!

Satellite TV go out in the rain? I can fix that!

Coffee pot broken? I can fix that!

Windshield wiper motor burned out? I can fix that!

Exhaust pipe dragging? I can fix that!

Need a diaper?

..well, I could have fixed that. But I must confess I am speechless



  1. Engineer types. Gotta love them. I really like how to keep cables from falling down.

  2. Hi War Planner, Gotta love American ingenuity.
    Enjoy your lunch with the gang, it should be lots of fun!
    Wish I was there to join you guys, but I'm not flying these days ;-)

  3. Each is a practical solution to a pressing problem.

    Now, where do I get that fork attachment?

  4. Ladies and Gentlemen,

    Some of these things really are kind of interesting. I particularly like the paper clip idea. And with my small bladder who knows? Maybe I could press the last idea into service.

    Bunni, I hope we can get together with you and Supi and the others at a convention sometime. It really would be a gas.

    By the way, LL is an author and I am dying to read his book. I'll write a review and fill you in on it -- but, if I know LL's background, it'll be exciting.