November 23, 2010

Don't blog angry..

Sometimes I get wrapped a little too tight. This TSA thing has -- you'll excuse the expression -- my shorts in a knot and I need to unwind. As usual, Woodsterman provides some much-needed comic relief on this matter:

I recommend visiting here for his other humor on offer.

UPDATE: On the subject of preserving sanity, many know that Odie was down here in SoCal last week returning home to Northern California Friday. From recent posts, it seems Odie puts all of his time to good use, probably spotting the truck below on his way back:

Way to go, Woodsterman! You don't miss a!



  1. AAAUGH! Dude! Beer and sinus cavities are a painful combination. How about you warn a brother next time? :D

  2. I agree, Odie is a wonderful counterpoint to our angst.

  3. Thank you for the plug my man. I've taken on the job of group humorist during these political crap times. I don't write well enough to be serious about anything.

    Opie ... thank you beautiful lady!