November 16, 2010


This is the BitX20A. It is a QRP (low power) amateur radio kit and a project I am contemplating over the holidays. It is a single-banded transceiver designed to operate on the amateur 20 meter band (14.000-14.400 MHz) in SSB (Single Sideband) mode. I have built about ten kits like this ranging from some slightly simpler to one -- my main "rig" -- that covers 160 meters through 10 meters in the high frequency band. (That is, 1.8 through 30 MHz.)

This is a kit and, as such, it is built by the amateur as opposed to purchasing one off the shelf like the check-writing weenies do.

I have built a couple of radios that are NOT kits, i.e., I have to scrounge the parts and PCB materials, and solder the whole thing together from scratch. But those were pathetically simple radios. One day I want to build a radio similar to this from scratch; I have amassed all of the parts and documentation, and only lack the time to do it.. I said, some day.

For now, these little kits take about a week to build at a leisurely pace. My personal opinion is that the building is more fun than the operating. Those of us to are devotees of the QRP discipline like to say we go through more rolls of solder than we do log books. Although, to be honest, it is quite a thrill to contact someone in Russia or Europe or Japan or Australia using just 5 watts on a radio that you guilt yourself.

Anyway, I just posted the pics and videos on my site for convenience so I could go to one spot to peruse them during lunch.

Maybe when I get the radio done -- or perhaps as I am building the kit -- I'll post some pictures so you can see what's shaking.

..that ought to bore the pants off you.


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