November 12, 2010

It's's working!!

"National People's Radio"
The effects of last week's election is being felt by so many on the left and the results range from outright panic to total delusion.

It seems that San Fran Nan had some Botox seep into her frontal lobes as she declared that she was not to blame for the blood bath that took away 60+ of her colleagues. Hat tip to Ed Morrissey of Hot Air:

It’s not her fault, Pelosi insists. She’s just a victim of the economic environment that, er, her caucus spent nine months ignoring on their march to pass a bill that the majority of Americans didn’t want in the first place

Further, she told NPR the following:

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi says she has the “overwhelming support” of fellow Democrats in her bid to become minority leader in the next Congress, and says she’s not to blame for the Democrats’ mid-term debacle.

“We didn’t lose the election because of me,” Ms. Pelosi told National Public Radio in aninterview that aired Friday morning. “Our members do not accept that.”

Instead, the California Democrat attributes the loss of at least 60 seats to high unemployment and “$100 million of outside, unidentified funding.”

“Any party that cannot turn (9.5% unemployment) into political gains should hang up the gloves,” she said.

Boy, she even got me on that last remark. If you understand it, please comment below and straighten me out.

However it seems that not only Nancy Pelosi curled up on her back, pawing in the air like a dying cockroach. Fox News reports the folks over at NPR are madly scurrying around, hyperventilating from the threat of losing their government funding:

NPR said it's "imperative" that it receives federal funding in light of a recommended cuts by the leaders of President Obama's fiscal commission.

"Federal funding has been a central component of public radio stations' ability to serve audiences across the country," NPR said in a statement. "It's imperative for funding to continue to ensure that this essential tool of democracy survives and thrives well into the future."

The co-chairmen of Obama's fiscal commission, Democrat Erskine Bowles and Republican Alan Simpson, proposed eliminating funding for the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, among other ideas, in their report on how to bring down the long-term debt in the U.S. The Corporation for Public Broadcasting assists NPR and PBS stations in their operations.

"..Serve audiences across the country" from federal funding, my butt! Serving liberal audiences is more like it.

Notice the tears rolling down my cheeks over the prospect of their not getting their hands on our money to concoct and promulgate their bilious propaganda.



  1. Nancy meant it wasn't fair the Republicans had that unemployment rate, she helped cause, to convince voters to vote against the Dems. I love it when she presents stupidity by being stupid.

  2. THANK YOU for posting this! I love your blog!

    common cents

  3. Steve,

    One of my favorite scenes in the 2002 movie, "The Count of Monte Cristo" is the scene where Edmond Dantes, when apprised he would have fight a pirate to join the crew of some smugglers and is told by the captain, "Oh, by the way, he is the best knife fighter I have ever seen."

    Dantes, fresh from 10 years in dreadful captivity, offhandedly responds, "Perhaps you should get out more often."

    Seriously, You are too kind; I mingle with greatness and stand on the shoulders of giants..

    ..folks like Odie, Opie, LCR, Carol, Supi, etc. are the stars I set my course by.