November 24, 2010

Clandestine post to LL..

Lima,,Lima Actual this is Whiskey Papa One ordered from Amazon..two actually. One goes to libtard brother in November Hotel who, now and then, likes a good thriller.

Will advise upon MMC.



  1. Shhhh! You don't know who's reading these posts!!!!!

  2. ..are you, kidding, Opie? No one! Look at my hit count!

  3. Ahem. What do I look like...chopped liver?

  4. War,,,God Bless and Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

  5. Ma'am, by no means! You are good and faithful visitor and I am *thankful* for the likes of you and Christopher and Odie, etc. who stop by for the daily dose of dreck I ladle out.

    Chris, thank you kindly and i wish you and Opie and your families the warmest of Thanksgiving wishes as well.

  6. Sorry WP. I have a pet peeve against traffic complaints on blogs. Because the only people who will see the complaint are the readers. The non readers will never see it. Therefore the shot always strikes the wrong target.

    Have a fantastic Thanksgiving. Beautiful weather today, huh?

  7. Opie,

    Point taken. As we discussed, I don't really care about hit counts. (*Develops nervous tick.*) Just firing for effect.

    And, yes, it is absolutely lovely. Mrs War Planner and I went for a walk and I got my laps in. Sitting done in a couple of hours to a great feast.

    I can only imagine how fun your gatherings must be!

    All the best!