November 10, 2010

Happy Birthday, Son..

This one goes out to my son, Lance Corporal War Planner, and all of the U.S. Marines, past and present, who bravely served and, in some cases, paid the ultimate price.

For me, this is a special time of year: today is his "other birthday", and tomorrow, I have a son who is also a brother.. arms.

One cannot possibly imagine how proud I am for him, his service, and this country.

God bless them all.



  1. Let me add my "Happy Birthday" wishes to the Marines and wish God's Blessings on all of our military, past and present.

  2. Happy Birthday to all Marines and a special Happy Birthday to "Little War Planner"!

  3. Happy Birthday to Young War Planner. God Bless the Marines.

  4. Happy Birthday to all Marines!

  5. folks are the greatest! The good lance corporal says thanks. And, Odie, he damn sure ain't "the little war planner".