August 15, 2019

Where the F**k is Franconia? UPDATE!


Trump is packing 'em in at SNHU (in New Hampshire) as almost per usual but there was a slight hitch. It seems that there were actually empty seats inside the venue..


..and the Dick Rats were trying to tweet that out as a sign of a Trump fade-nolia. But, in point of fact, there were also a suspiciously large crowd standing outside of the arena watching on the jumbo-trons. The estimates put it at 12,000 inside and approximately the same outside. Further, some strange shenanigans went on with the facilities people; it was reported that they started shutting out the ingress of folks a little early thus stranding the mob outside.

So we're into crowd-comparisons and it's about one year before the actual POTUS campaigning starts. Well, bring it on because there's a lot of apples to be compared with a lot of oranges. It seems to me that crowds has been an issue with the Dick Rat Pack so far. Biden supposedly opened up to a crowd of 6,000 in Philly but has been playing to off-broadway-sized crowds since then. Even his debut was questionable.

Last Saturday, when Biden held a rally for his headquarters' opening in Philadelphia, his campaign estimated the crowd size was 6,000 — a count that some local observers thought might be generous. One local elected Democrat who supports Biden privately told POLITICO the rally was smaller and less energetic than expected.

The event fell far short of the size his surrogates predicted in one of the nation’s largest Democratic cities. Just before Biden formally announced his candidacy last month, former Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell, who helped organize a fundraiser for Biden, had loftier expectations.

“He’s enormously popular here,” Rendell, a former Philadelphia mayor, said in a late April interview. “We could get tens and tens of thousands of people...For one rally, I think we could do that.”

I remember him lethargically speaking to groups in venues that looked like half-filled gymnasiums and janitors' closets, to be perfectly honest.

But that's not the crux of the problem. It seems that Biden is the FRINO (Front-Runner-In-Name-Only) and "Lying Squaw" Warren and Kamelnoze Hairyass are the true crowd magnets and it is said that others down the list will draw bigger than Biden if they are the nominee. To be sure, Dirge is sure as shit beating that Injun's drums.

Well, we have a long way to go and, it would seem that she's got some work to do to amp her pathetic 700 up to Trump's 12,000 inside the building or even his 11,000 outside the building.

And, besides, where the f**k is Franconia anyway?

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