August 10, 2019


I have been mostly posting/commenting over on Weasel Zippers for the past two to three years and have decided to dual-post here again since a lot of my stuff sinks beneath the ponderous chaff that appears on other people's blog. I'd like to preserve a more coherent record of my thoughts (not that they are in any way significant). And it's not that Weasel Zippers has declined any; they are still a very enjoyable and entertaining group and, perhaps, I'd like to share their work here -- with attribution, of course. There are some truly funny folks there amongst the Zippers.

Besides, it will allow me to frequent the blogs of the comrades and comrade-ettes who was part of that doughty posse who endured the eight years of the Lawn Jockey POTUS (whose name shall not be mentioned).

I want to thank Woodster man who still frequents here and the other kind and thoughtful friends from those days past.

It will be good to get back.

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