August 18, 2019

Sunday Paunch..

Ahhhhhhhh! Sunday morning..

..out West, here behind the Velveteen Curtain and one settles into "watching" (i.e., TV on, running in the background) as the Sunday mornings shows drone on, picking apart supposedly black-and-white issues (BDS, AntiFa domestic terrorists, obligatory Epstein intrigue, HK protests) an and assigning them to 50 shades of grey.


One also notes with humor, the lib's attempt to rekindle Camelot with Chapstick™ Man. Good luck with that!

But then one notes that the NFL is starting it's antics again -- pre-season even.

..but one is overtaken with a joyous lassitude as one reaches out for the television remote. One's Fall Sundays will be one's own to share with family and friends.

..f**king A right, bubba! Time for action!

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