August 22, 2019 Crapifornia

Hoovervilles is what they used to call them. Tent cities, encampments, etc., where folks who have no means of support tend to settle. But why?

It seems to be all the rage all over California; the new fad just like surfing was many decades ago. Folks heading West to become part of the great California Democrat Wet Dream.

Even the KOMO folks from Seattle are in on the act; they say it's much worse here -- and they should know.

We had them down along the Santa Ana River Trail from Anaheim above Angel's stadium down to the ocean near Fountain Valley, Costa Mesa, and Huntington Beach -- until the cities moved them out at least.

When they are evicted, kindly note in the video below the fact that they are offered beds, storage, and facilities but many say they will not avail themselves of this because "some things are not allowed". I guess we are talking drugs mostly. They choose instead to migrate up to the encampment near Anaheim stadium -- which will also be uprooted soon as well.

What flummoxes me -- and I do not wish to be a Scrooge here -- is that they remain in a homeless condition. I had a conversation with a person on the Santa Ana River trail a while ago and he told me life was just great.

"They roll in Porta-Sans™ and once a week we have shower facilities. The nearby churches and other organizations bring over food almost daily and we have a nice river-front location. I am on a monthly dole so my basic expenses are zilch with enough left over to afford the drugs I need.

Well, I guess that answers my next question about them considering the $25 an hour jobs in the North Dakota or Texas oil industry (or peripheral businesses) when you can live the life in California.

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